Thursday, June 1, 2017

Goldman Sachs Trying To Change The topic.....

Goldman Sachs CEO decided it was time to Tweet.  The first tweet was to trash Trump.  How original.

What Goldman is really trying to do is change the topic.  

What is the topic?  The Topic is Venezuela and Goldman Sachs has been getting pummeled on that topic this week.

Venezuela is a disaster.  The country is falling apart.  People are starving.  The government is the problem.  Goldman Sachs just invested hundreds of millions of dollars to prop up the failed Venezuela government.  The world is trashing Goldman Sachs for their despicable behavior.  

As a result Goldman wants to change the subject.  Luckily Trump is always available to bash.  That is good for Goldman.  Everyone can feel good about rallying around anyone trashing Trump.  Lets get em......Don't worry about the whole Venezuela thingy.

The real Goldman Issue.

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