Thursday, June 1, 2017

Palestinians and Israelis talking Again Thanks To Trump......

Remember when Barack Obama became President and 4 1/2 minutes later they handed him the Nobel Peace price.
This happened even though he did absolutely nothing to deserve it. Remember that?
Well Trump went to the Middle East and because of his visit the Israelis and the Palastinins just held a high level meeting. This was the first meeting in 3 years
They discussed good will gestures to get the peace process back on track. Israel agreed on some concessions.
Now you have heard nothing about this because 98% of the media is too busy bashing Trump all day (every day) and that interferes with you hearing about any positive developments.
Regardless there are positive things happening.
No Trump won't be awarded the Nobel Prize. Not ever. He could bring peace to the middle east for the first time in 1000 years and he will still never be winning the Nobel prize. You don't have to wait for that headline to pop up because it is never coming.
If anything Obama will win a second Nobel prize because his smile is still just that spectacular.
OK stop reading this post and get back to reading the fake news. I don't want to be a distraction from the non stop Trump bashing. Get back to it.
Israel’s finance minister met with the Palestinian prime minster in the West Bank city of Ramallah this week in the wake of President Donald Trump’s recent visit to the region, Israeli and Palestinian officials said Thursday.
It’s the first such meeting between senior Israeli and Palestinian officials in Ramallah since 2014, when U.S.-mediated peace talks collapsed.
they discussed the goodwill gestures Israel approved ahead of Trump’s visit, aimed in part at laying the groundwork for restarting peace talks.
The measures include construction permits for Palestinians in parts of the West Bank that had previously been off limits, economic concessions and expanded hours at the Jordan border crossing.

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