Friday, June 2, 2017

Clean Coal.....Chuckle.....Chuckle.

One of the biggest hits Trump takes on the environment is his support of the coal industry.
Coal is very bad because (not only is it dirty) when it is burned it releases a lot of Co2.
Co2 is #1 on the green house gas most wanted list.
But Obama supported the coal industry too.
Obama called it “clean coal” so it was all good.
Not only did he support “clean coal” but he took your tax money to help pay for it……….. And you said nothing.
The smoke and mirrors regarding clean coal is the idea that they collect the CO2 gas (before it is released into the atmosphere) and pump it deep underground. The problem is nobody wants to pay to do that so Obama provided your tax money (the industry thanks you) and then they stuck the plant next to an oil field.
Now when they pump the CO2 underground it pushes up the oil. Then the oil is burned which releases CO2 gas……..and that defeats the entire purpose of the whole endeavor.
But it has the word "clean" in it (and Obama supported it) so it must be worth while.
The carbon dioxide is then piped in liquid form to a nearby oil field where it is used to draw additional oil from the ground, a practice that helps strengthen the economics of the endeavor.

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