Monday, June 5, 2017

Middle East Countries Against Qatar......If Only Someone Knew.....

Middle East countries just figured out Qatar is supporting terrorism.

I posted about this fact 3 years ago.  

People should really pay attention.

My post from August 25th 2014........

Qatar – A tiny oil rich country located in the Persian Gulf, who supports all sides of every issue. 

If you need a friend, look no further than Qatar. They support Hamas. They support the Taliban. They support the rebels in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

If you believe the Germans, Qatar is even funding Isis.

Qatar also support The United States Military (and Britains military too).

Why should Qatar pay for their own armed services, when the United States will protect them for free.

Qatar built the longest airstrip in the Middle East, and invited the Pentagon to come set up shop. When Saudi Arabia told the United States to get out, Qatar rolled out the red carpet.

You want to know where the US Central Command (for the Middle East) is located…..That is correct, it is in Qatar. Our buddy.

With the US military sitting there, nobody messes with Qatar.

When there was no news organizations telling the anti American (Anti Israel) side of the news, Qatar stepped up and funded Al Jazeera. That news organization spent years bashing the United States, and supporting the terrorist point of view.

As the Qatari’s clapped (as the US warplanes took off from Qatari soil, to bomb the terrorists) across town Al Jazeera was reporting how awful the USA is.

That two faced strategy has worked out great for Qatar.

When the United States needed to send (ultra dangerous) Gitmo prisoners somewhere (in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl) Qatar raised their hand and said send them here. We love terrorists.

When Hamas leaders go into exile, they also usually choose Qatar.

Want to know why you never hear about terrorism in Qatar, it is because everyone likes them. They are a country with no enemies.

Well no enemies except for Al Gore that is……

Al Gore made a lot of money telling everyone how bad fossil fuels are.

But when Al wanted to cash in on (his flailing) Current TV, he was only too happy to take piles of oil money (500 million to be exact) from (anti America) Al Jazeera.

If the stack of money is high enough, Al would sell his own mother.

Al will tell you all about how oil money is terrible….. except when it is going into his personal bank account.

The only problem (for Al) is Al Jazeera stiffed him on 65 million bucks. Now Al is suing Al Jazeera to get his oil money. He will not be denied one penny.

You get em Al……Man of principle.

When Al Gore ran for president (in 1999) he had a net worth of 1.7 million. 15 years later he has over 200 million. He didn’t get that by filling out a time card, or sitting in a cubicle either.

Sure the last 15 years have been the worst economic time since the Great Depression. But that is for you…..Not for Al.

Al warned you if George W Bush became President it would be terrible, and it was…..For you.

The economy you are in, and the economy he is in, are not exactly the same.

Al was in the US House of Representatives for 8 years, and didn’t fix global warming. He was in the US Senate for 8 more years, and didn’t fix global warming then either. He was Vice President for an additional 8 years and guess what he didn’t do? That is right, he didn’t fix global warming.

But in the 15 years (as a private citizen) he has done incredibly well stacking piles of money, while simultaneously crying crocodile tears, about our environmental problems. The same problems he spend 24 years in positions of power not fixing.

Tomorrow if you set a personal goal of making100 million (in the next 10 years) you would probably fail. I would bet money you would not meet that goal.

But if you are a Clinton, or a Gore, making piles of money is as easy as breathing. That is what public service is all about. The self-sacrifice of putting your countries needs above your own (Wink wink).

Anyway good luck to Al Gore taking on Qatar….We will all be watching your tragic struggle.

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