Friday, June 23, 2017

F-35....Still Sucks.

This week Lockheed Martin was very excited about their F-35 demonstration at the Paris Airshow.
They did loops and turns and flew their plane back and forth trying to convince everyone their $400,000,000.00 (POS) plane doesn’t really suck as bad as everyone (Me) keeps saying.
Meanwhile back in reality last week 25% of the F-35’s were grounded because their pilots were suffering from Hypoxia.
Hypoxia is when the pilot does not get enough oxygen and passes out.
How awesome can the F-35 be if the pilot is unconscious.
This week more F-35’s were grounded because their software still sucks.
Last week Japan celebrated the opening of their new F-35 production line.
After America spent 21 years doing all the hard work and spending endless amounts of your taxpayer money.........Well now Japan will get to make their own planes.
American workers and American tax payers lose.
Yay F-35.

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