Thursday, June 22, 2017

Everyone Hates Trump and Democrats Still Can't Win A Thing....

Yesterday we were told this election was a referendum on Donald Trump.
The Democrats were going to win and it was all going to be blamed on Donald.
We are told EVERYONE hates Donald. You hate him. Your friends hate him. Your neighbors hate him. The guy you passed in the super market hates him.
It is a unanimous consensus across America that Everyone hates Trump.
So you can imagine how confusing it is today that the Democrats STILL can’t win an election.
The Democrats have no message and they have no leadership.
That is why Trump will be President for the next 8 years. That is true no matter what he does. He could burn the whole place to the ground and he is still going to be President for 8 years.
That is how bad the Democrats suck at this point.
The Democrats couldn’t win the big election (to EVERYONES surprise.) They can’t win this election either (to EVERYONES surprise.)
So since Trump was going to be blamed for the loss (that didn’t happen) does that mean he gets credit for the win?
Because I don’t see him getting any credit. Not ever.

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