Thursday, July 6, 2017

USS Fitzgerald and the North Korean ICBM Missile Launch.....

July 4th North Korea launches their first successful Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). The United States is caught completely by surprise. They didn't see it coming or know anything about it.
BUT.....The real story begins 17 days earlier when the USS Fitzgerald (A ship with state of the art Aegis Anti Missile Capabilities) is mysteriously rammed in the middle of the night by a gigantic Freighter.
The Freighter didn't see the destroyer. The destroyer (with world class radar) somehow did not see the freighter. 7 US sailors are killed.
How is that possible?
Well if Communist Red China (who doesn't like the US NAVY patrolling off their coast)
Communist North Korea (who doesn't like the US NAVY patrolling off their cost) hacked into the two ships (while on auto pilot) at 1:30 AM and ran one ship into the other.....Well that would explain a lot.
The freighter was not using normal shipping lanes or behaving as it should have been. It passed the destroyer and proceeded to turn and come back at it.
Whatever the reason........Once the US anti missile capability (on the Fitzgerald) was neutralized the North Koreans were free to launch their new missile unimpeded from United States meddling.
Previous North Korean missiles mysteriously failed (chuckle chuckle).
See It is a lot easier to launch missiles when the state of the art US warship is in the Japanese dry dock full of holes.
And of course the mainstream media is ignoring all of this. No tough questions being asked. No investigative journalism happening. With Russia hacking it was 24/7. With North Korea and China hacking it is crickets.

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