Friday, July 7, 2017

Voter Fraud Investigation...A good Idea Until Trump Suggested It.....

The dishonest fake news media being hostile to ANYTHING Trump.
If it is connected to Trump in anyway shape or form get ready for a battle.
What the media is supposed to do is just report on what is happening. But that is not what they do.
Investigating voter fraud is now a reason for a fight. “There is no proof…..” OK that is why there is an investigation. To see.
When the topic is Trump/Russia...... 74 investigations are not enough.
Keep investigating. More investigations….More….and More. Keep looking……..
But with Voter fraud the very idea of looking into the topic is hateful.
Lets take a moment to refresh our memories……..
In 2000 Al Gore lost the presidency by 537 votes in Florida.
Democrats SCREAMED foul.
Al Gore….. Jessie Jackson……. Al Sharpton……. all of them stood on the mountain top yelling for investigations.
Voters were disenfranchised…… they told us. Bush won because of fraud…….. they told us.
Bush became president and nobody investigated anything.
Then Obama was anointed and still nothing was investigated.
Then Trump somehow won and everyone (Media, politicians, corporation, the elite) are all working overtime to discredit his presidency.
They point out Trump didn’t win the popular vote.
Trump says he didn’t win the popular vote because of voter fraud.
Everyone yells at him that there is no proof of voter fraud.
So Trump says fine we will investigate. We will find out if there is voter fraud.
Everyone should approve of a good investigation. They do for every other thing.
Democrats called for that very thing not so long ago.
But when Trump actually does what everyone called for the establishment becomes hostile.
Democrats call for James Comey to be fired. James Comey is fired by Trump. Democrats freak out.
Democrats call for voter fraud investigation (in 2000). Trump launches an investigation. Democrats freak out.
If Trump called for putting Obamas face on MT Rushmore the Democrats would be hostile.
That is just how it is going to be.

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