Friday, July 7, 2017

John Podesta...Still Hiding, Deflecting, Misdirecting......

The issue is a very serious one and the question needs to be answered.
Day after day we are told the Russians are coming....... The Russians are coming........
It is the biggest threat to US National Security the country has ever seen. Or so we are told.
The DNC And John Podesta were hacked but their servers were NEVER turned over to the FBI for investigation.
The FBI asked for them and the DNC said Go away.
Without investigating the servers it was still concluded that Russia did it. How was that the conclusion??????? What is that based on if nobody ever looked at the evidence??????
Nobody knows. Nobody asks. Nobody cares.
It is all Trump.... Trump..... Trump.... Trump...... Trump.
But since the Main Stream (Fake) Media refuses to ask the real questions which need to be answered........The President of The United States did the asking. And good for him.
"Get a grip" is not an appropriate answer.
WHY WERE THE SERVERS NOT TURNED OVER TO THE FBI???? Someone needs to answer this fundamental question.
We all know why they were not turned over.......
If you were as corrupt as John Podesta and the DNC you wouldn't turn over your server full of incriminating evidence to the FBI either.
But how is that not obstruction of justice? How can the US media give a free pass on this huge cover up? How is it all still being blamed on Trump?
The DNC knows it was not the Russians. The DNC knows it was Seth Rich who conveniently then got murdered........ but hey why share those details with the FBI. Especially when Trump is already getting blamed. Worked out great for them. Hillary 2020!!!!

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