Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fukushima Water.......Dump it!

At Fukushima one of the major problems is what to do with all the contaminated water.
There is lots of it.
Rain water flows into the facility on its way to the pacific.
So they tried to build an ice wall around the entire complex so water can’t flow in.
That failed.
But it was good PR and wasted some time.
Then they also need to keep pumping new water into the melted reactors to keep them cool..... but what do you do with the water then?
So they built storage tanks to hold it all.
Over the years they have built more and more and more storage tanks promising that one day they will decontaminate the water.
Now after 6 years the tanks are all full and instead of decontaminating the water (as they promised) they are going to just dump it all in the Pacific. F*ck it.
People are not happy.
If that was the plan (the whole time) why even go through the charade of building tanks. Because building storage tanks w
Is good PR.
Anyhow if your sushi tastes a little metallic in the future now you know why.
The US media will not tell you any of this either because there has been a complete US media blackout on Fukushima for the last 6 years.
The less you know the better.

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