Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Democrats Trying To Win You Back With New Slogans......

The Democrats finally realized they have no message and no followers.  It only took them 8 months after the election to come to this realization.

Democrats always pretended to represent the working man.  But after being in power for 16 of the last 24 years and the working man getting pummeled all while the rich people got super duper rich.  

The working man finally realized the Democrats are terrible.

Along came Trump who stole the Democrats message along with all their voters.  Now the Democrats are scratching their heads and staring at each other wondering where everyone went.  

Don't despair because they are back now with a new slogan.  "A better deal"  Yippee.  

FDR had a new deal and Democrats 2017 have "A better deal"  It is really the same deal as always but they hope you pay attention.

My guess is you are still not going to care.  

Democrats pretend to protect workers but then support EVERY free trade deal ever written.  Trump walked away from TPP and is renegotiating NAFTA.  So are you going to leave Trump and go back to the Democrats who have done nothing for you for 40 years?  My guess is you are not.  But nice try Democrats.  

If meaningless slogans make you happy then have at it.  The workers you have neglected will still be over at the Trump rally.

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