Friday, September 2, 2016

Replacing All Dreamliner Engines.....No Seriously.

Replace every engine on every plane for a group of planes that have been in service less than 5 years.
That is ridiculous.
They say the blades are corroding because of chemicals in the atmosphere.
Who are they kidding…..
Jet engines are designed to operate in extreme conditions (over many hours) for years on end.
Air pollution is not the problem. Sh*tty manufacturing is the problem.
Why is air pollution not an issue for any other plane except the Dreamliner?
Why are they not replacing every engine on every 747? Or 767? Or 757? Or 737?
Why is it only an issue for the newest most technologically advanced (giggling) plane.
If it is ONLY a blade issue why do they have to replace the entire engine? Just replace the sh*tty blades and move on.
There is a lot more to this story that they are not telling you. It is embarrassing enough as it is…… imagine if they told you the real story.
Bottom line is the Dreamliner is a lemon. Everything about it is a complete joke. If it wasn’t so funny it would be serious.
In 2013, Boeing's global fleet of Dreamliners was taken out of service after U.S. regulators said they were not safe to fly until a fire risk linked to the aircraft's batteries had been resolved.
The program has continued to suffer from teething problems and lackluster sales.
(Teething problems happen in the first 6 months. We are now in year 9 since the Dreamliner was rolled out to great fan fare. 9 years is not teething. 9 years is a lemon. Lackluster sales should be expected when the planes start on fire and the engines disintegrate in less than 5 years.)

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