Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dreamliner Engines Are All Terrible......Just Like The Dreamliner.

It has been awhile since I have told you how sh*tty the Dreamliner is.
Perhaps you thought is was all good now in Dreamliner land.
Well it isn't all good. It completely sucks......Just like it always has.
Japans biggest airline just grounded its entire fleet of Dreamliners because the Rolls Royce Engines are complete sh*t.
Those are the same engine that were sh*t in 2012.
The same engine that were sh*t in 2010.
Here we are in 2016 and nothing has changed......It is all still complete sh*t.
The Dreamliner can use GE engines too but unfortunately those engines are sh*t too.
Last month a GE engine shut down in mid flight. Generally not recommended.
In April the FAA ordered an urgent fix to all GE Dreamliner Engines.
So now you know......The Dreamliner still totally sucks. Tell your friends.

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