Thursday, August 25, 2016

Clintons For Sale....

There is another ethical level on which both Hillary and Bill Clinton have fallen far short: the conduct of the foundation itself. The primary focus of a charitable organization should be charity with a clear mission in mind. When it comes to the motive behind it, the Clinton Foundation is more family corporation and public relations firm than altruistic venture.

Nobody has to wonder what the Red Cross, Salvation Army or St Jude's Hospital do with donations. On the other hand, the Clinton Global Initiative has as its mission statement to "create and implement innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges." This broad and meaningless pablum should raise more than a few eyebrows. If the Clintons were so interested in helping the world, why not simply raise money for the already established charities that exist to help those in need? We know the answer.

The Clinton Foundation is a club for the connected and the powerful, posing as saviors of mankind. In reality, it's mostly about private jet travel to fancy conferences for the wealthy and well-connected. And most importantly, Clinton offered donors the facade of selflessness as they bought access to high government office. We now know assorted power brokers, shady international businessmen and autocratic regimes eagerly played along with the ruse.

The Clintons, not content merely to make lying a political art form, have gone a step further. In their insatiable appetite for power and money, they have polluted charitable giving itself.

Now, thanks to the woman who wishes to be the most powerful politician in the world, consideration for the poor and unfortunate has been commoditized for the benefit of self-indulgent plutocrats who want a tax write-off.

That many Americans, and certainly a majority of Clinton supporters, don't seem to care enough to reject Clinton as our next commander in chief is an indictment of their expectations for character and dignity in an elected official.
Any honest observer has to ask whether the truth about Clinton's corporate fiefdom, cynically masked with the trappings of a charity, should sink her presidential ambitions. That so many Americans seem willing to overlook her serial ethical failings is among the most depressing truths of an already dispiriting election season.

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