Friday, August 5, 2016

Hillary Knows Her Lies Cause You To Not Trust Her.....It Is The Republicans Fault Though.....

Even though Hillary knows she is a filthy liar.
Even though she knows that you know she is a filthy liar.
The real reason you don't trust her (according to her) is because of those damned Republicans. Not because every word out of her mouth is a total lie......But because the Republicans are making you not trust her. It is their fault.
The reason Hillary Clinton has not held a real press conference in 8 months (Imagine that.....She is running for President and NEVER holds a press conference.....and she is winning) is because every time she opens her mouth out comes lie after lie after lie.
It is difficult coming up with new lies to explain the old lies. It is easier just to ignore the media and let Donald Trump hand her the election.
"Friday's event was carefully controlled, with Clinton taking just seven questions from preselected journalists."
This is how press conferences work in Communist Red China. It is not how they are supposed to work in the United States Of America.
People forget how the entire Hillary Email saga began.
It began because someone submitted a Freedom of IInformation request on Hillary's emails. The state dept who went to comply with the law (the law of open government that you are entitled to see the details of) but the state dept could not find any Hillary emails. That is how the entire personal server issue blew up.
It is not ONLY about her sending classified information on a private (unsecure) email system. It is about YOUR inability to see what is happening in YOUR government. You have a right to know what is going on, but with Hillary you never get to know because she is ALWAYS hiding her illegal, immoral, corrupt activities.
If you knew what she was really doing you would be outraged. Good thing you don't (can't) know.

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