Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hillary Will Flip Flop on TPP.....

That’s right……Hillary’s own pal is telling you Hillary is lying to your face on TPP.
Try to look surprised.
Hillary helped create the TPP as Secretary of State.
Bernie said he hated the TPP and everyone cheered.
Elizabeth Warren said she hated the TPP and everyone cheered.
Donald Trump said he hated the TPP and everyone cheered.
Realizing sending millions more US jobs to Asia wasn’t going to get anyone to cheers Hillary changed her mind. She said she was against the TPP too.
No really…… she is against it. Why doesn’t anyone believe Hillary…She is so honest and trust worthy.
Now her own friend is telling you what you should already know. Hillary loves the TPP and as soon as you leave the voting booth she will be fully supporting it again.
As the jobs leave the United States (and the factories get boarded up) Hillary will be sipping Champaign with her rich friends and giggling at how stupid you are.

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