Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FBI Investigating The Russian Watergate.....

Remember in the old days when you wanted to know what was going on at the Democratic National Committee you had to hire a bunch of Ex CIA agents to break into the Watergate hotel and place listening devises everywhere.
Today it is so much easier. You can just sit behind a computer screen in Russia and find out anything you want to know.
Technology has certainly moved us along.
I am comforted that the FBI is investigating this. They do such a good job investigating email scandals.
It is terrible when the American people find out what goes on behind the curtain. We should only be told the party line. We don’t deserve the actual truth.
I am sure when the FBI is finished investigating they will tell us there was indeed hacking and they do not recommend prosecution. That will happen right after Bill Clinton has a spontaneous private plane meeting on a tarmac with Putin. Bill just likes to show off his grandkids.


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