Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trumps Inability to Move On Will Give US Hillary As President.

"My advice to Donald Trump has been and will continue to be to focus on jobs and national security and stop responding to every criticism whether it's from a grieving family or Hillary Clinton,"
I agree……
Trump is like a 2 year old. He can’t stay focused on what is important.
He thinks he is going to win by taking on the parents of a dead soldier. There is no winning with that. Just move on.
But Trump can’t move on. He has to get the last word in. He has to try and be right even when he is not right.
As a result he spent 72 hours talking about an issue that has nothing to do with anything.
If Trump could just stay focused and ONLY talk about jobs, and the decline of the United States, he could win.
People want to find an alternative to Hillary and Trump keeps showing he is not it. He is just too stupid to figure it out.
If he could learn to ignore the noise and continue talking about how all the Jobs are in Communist Red China. Talk about how Bill Clinton helped send the jobs there, and how Hillary wants to keep them there. He could win. Instead he is suckered into these petty immature discussions about nothing. Makes him look like an idiot. Hillary must sit and laugh at what a sucker he is.
Nobody wants to hear about banning people. Nobody wants to hear about deporting people or belittling people. People only want to hear about jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. People want to hear the corrupt Washington big money system is going to get fixed, and that everyone is going to be competing on a level playing field. People want to hear the budget will be balanced and the Debt paid off. They want to hear Social Security and Medicare will be protected. They want to hear that the multiple wars are going to finally end. They want to hear the government over reach is going to be reeled in. They want to hear that fairness will rule the day.
None of this stuff is hard, confusing, or difficult.
Anything short of talking about these issues (and ONLY these issues) is a total waste of time.
Anything short of this gives us Hillary as President.


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