Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First The Democrats Don't Like You......Then You End Up Dead......Convenient.

In Russia when Vladimir Putin doesn’t like you you suddenly end up dead. He has done it to many people he didn’t like. Everyone knows Putin does it……. but it is Putin (and Russia) so nobody really thinks twice about it.
But the exact same thing happens right here in America. When Hillary and the Democrats don’t like you you end up just as dead.
DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered last month on his way home. They said it was a robbery but NOTHING was taken from him. He was shot twice in the back and he died.
Now we find out Seth might have been a WikiLeaks source. Seth may have given damaging information to WikiLeaks which would explain why he is now at the graveyard.
You didn’t even notice it happened but there it is…….Right in front of you.
Talk too much and you end up full of bullet holes. The Clintons have been accused of this kind of thing for decades.
There is a lot of money at stake and the DNC has already been exposed by WikiLeaks for rigging their primary system. Looks like the people who exposed that embarrassment are being dealt with.
Now get back to reading the fluff pieces about Donald Trump said this and Donald Trump said that. Try to ignore the dead bodies the Democrats are leaving around.

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