Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Apple Has To Pay Taxes....Boo Hoo.......

The United States Government is upset that Apple (who hides their profits overseas so they don’t have to pay much in US taxes) is going to have to pay 14 Billion in European Taxes.
When you have to pay your taxes the US Government does not get upset.
When I have to pay my taxes the US government does not get upset.
BUT when Apple (proudly avoids paying their fair share of US taxes) is forced to pay European taxes suddenly that is some kind of outrage.
How is Apple supposed to pay 14 Billion? They only have over 200 Billion in cash (most of which is) hidden overseas.
Maybe we could start a go fund me page for poor (poor) Apple.
In completely unrelated news Apple CEO Tim Cook held a fancy fundraiser last week for his Pal Hillary Clinton. If you had up to 50 grand you could have gone too. They would have loved to see you there.
Apparently fancy fundraisers (and campaign contributions) get you a lot of official outrage when you have to pay your taxes.

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