Monday, August 29, 2016

Putin and Clinton.....More Dead Bodies.....

Another Vladimir Putin critic is heading off to the graveyard.
Putin and the Clintons seem to be in a competition to see who can kill the most political enemies.
Earlier this month Victor Thorn a conspiracy writer who has written three books on Clinton corruption also headed off to the graveyard.
Putins critic (Alexander Shchetinin’s) is listed as a "suicide"
Clintons critic (Victor Thorn) is also listed as a "suicide"
Putins critic died on his birthday.
Clintons critic also died on his birthday.
Putins critic was a gun shot wound to the head.
Clintons critic was also a gun shot wound to the head.
What is interesting about the Putin killing (I mean suicide) is it says they found cartidges.... As in plural.
Normally when you shoot yourself in the head you dont get the opportunity to shoot yourself in the head a second time. That seems to be what they are saying happened here.
It is just a little Putin humor. A little wink...wink.
It has been a busy summer of killing people for the Clinton's too.
DNC worker and potential WikiLeaks provider Seth Rich shot dead.
DNC lawsuit filer Shawn Lucas......Dead.
Now Victor Thorn......Dead.
Must be exhausting work.

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