Monday, September 12, 2016

US NAVY Littoral Ships.....Completely Useless......

US Defense Department wasting even more of your money.
The US NAVY's state of the art Littoral Ships.
Super fancy high tech Navy warships sponsored by your tax dollars.
$360 Million per ship.
The only problem is these ships keep breaking down over and over and over and over. 4 ships have broken down at sea since the beginning of the year.
Now the NAVY announced these ships are so screwed up they cannot be repaired so the NAVY can trust them again.
So they will now be testing ships. Whatever that means.
Actually what it means is.......
$360 million + $360 Million + $360 Million + $360 Million = $1,440,000,000........Completely wasted.
What could you do with 1.4 BILLION. Could you build schools? Could you build hospitals? Could you fix bridges? Could you build affordable housing?
What the government did was build 4 ships that do not work.
They will be sure to send you the bill for those worthless ships real soon.

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