Monday, September 5, 2016

Obama Doesn't Want You To Worry....The TPP Will Be Passed.......

Don't worry......It will get passed.

Sure the Republicans in Congress are against the TPP.


Sure the Democrats in Congress are against the TPP.


Sure Donald Trump is against the TPP.


Sure Hillary Clinton is against the TPP.


Sure all the voters of the United States are against the TPP.

That is all very wonderful and fine but Obama is here to tell you (and all the nations of the pacific region) that the TPP will be passed.

Get those factories ready Asia because our jobs are a coming.

We just need this annoying election to end so the voters (with their pitch forks) all go back to sleep and then the TPP will be passed.  It is a done deal.

There is no surer bet in the world than everybody in Washington lining up to Kill more US jobs.  They love it.

Killing US jobs is corporate Americas (and our governments) favorite past time.

You just keep listening to everyone tell you they are against the TPP and then wait for the election to end.  After the election it will become law so fast your head will spin.  You can take that to the bank.

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