Wednesday, September 21, 2016

US To Pretend To Attack North Korea.....Genius.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama helping to spread peace with a mock attack on North Korea.

Yes that sounds like a great idea.  Provoke the crazy North Koreans some more.  

The North Koreans who just conducted their 5th Nuclear test.  Who just successfully fired a missile from a submarine.  

Yes Pretend you are attacking them.  That will help dial down the situation.  

The United States hasn't had enough war over the last 15 years....Lets start another war with a country who actually has an army and real military hardware.  A country protected by Communist Red China.

Even if the United States did destroy the North Korean Nuclear facilities the bombs have already been built and they are most likely spread across the country. 

Attacking the Nuclear facilities needed to be done 20 years ago.  Now it is too late.  The only thing attacking does now is start another war.  Since we can't win the wars we are currently in this seems like a terrible idea.

If Obama keeps this up he might just win a second Nobel Peace Prize.

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