Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ford Moving ALL Small Car manufacturing to Mexico........Yay Free Trade.....

In 1993 Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law touting how it will help the US economy.

In 2016 the affects of Bill Clintons signature on that bill are still being felt.

Ford Motor Company will make NONE of their small cars in the United States Of America.  0 small cars.  God Bless America.

When Bill Clinton left the White House (after screwing the US Worker every which way possible) he went on to make Millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars.

When Al Gore left the White House (after supporting NAFTA BIG TIME) he went on to make Millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars.

Meanwhile Detroit Michigan went on to file for Bankruptcy.  After all the factories moved to Mexico the results have been dismal.  All thanks to Bill Clinton.

Last night Bill Clinton was not in Detroit taking Bows for all the awesome work he did destroying Detroit.  

Instead Bill was in California (sitting in for his corrupt wife) at a $100,000.00 a plate fund raiser.  Did you get invited to that?  DIdn't think so.  Yes sipping champagne and eating caviar with the other filthy rich folks is what Bill Clinton does best these days.  Taking credit for NAFTA is not high on his priority list.

While the affects of NAFTA (killing US jobs) is still being felt across the country Barack Obama wants you to know (even though NAFTA is a complete failure) the Trans Pacific Partnership is going to be much, much, much better.  Well better for him.  He will be heading into the private sector to cash in soon.  The US Worker will still be getting royally f*cked though.

Oh.....And if down the line things don't go well for Ford Motor company that is OK because they know just where to come to get bailed out.  Thanks US Tax payers.  You are the best.  Now if you excuse them they have US factories to move.

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