Friday, September 23, 2016

Obama officially Protects The Terrorists.....

Done deal......
The number one supporter of State Sponsored Terrorism.......President Barack Obama.
Late in the day on a Friday afternoon is the perfect time to stand up and protect the terrorists. Hopefully nobody noticed.
Last month an international court ruled China was breaking the law by building man made islands in the South China Sea. President Obama cheered.....Yay courts.
But for terrorists who murdered Americans suddenly courts are bad. Very bad. Courts can't be trusted.
The American justice system is the best EXCEPT when it comes to terrorism.
When Obama got to office he said George W Bush was wrong throwing people into prison at Guantanamo Bay without ever speaking to a lawyer or having a day in court.
Obama said this would be the first thing he corrected on Day 1 in office. Well we are in year 8 of the Obama Presidency and Gitmo is still open. Nobody is getting their day in court down there still Because Obama hates courts.
Obama hates the courts for Gitmo. Obama hates courts for Saudi Arabia. Obama hates courts when he wants to murder American citizens with Drones in far away places. Obama (Mr Constitutional lawyer) HATES the courts.
Next up we get to see if the US Congress has the spine to over turn Mr. Obamas veto. Or will congress side with the terrorists too.
Stay tuned

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