Friday, September 24, 2010


Last winter this Massachusetts girl was bullied to the point where she hung herself because nobody would help her. Everyone sat around after the fact and said how could this happen. Why didn't anyone do something. How can this be.

So this fathers daughter is being bullied and he does something about it. He gets on the school bus and makes it clear this is not going to continue. Now he is arrested. He shouldn't be arrested. He should be applauded. The cops should have slapped him on the back and said nice job. About time somebody did something. Instead he is the villain. Maybe he didn't go about it the right way. Maybe he could have handled it better. But his daughter was under duress and he acted. He wasn't physical. Nobody got beat up. But he made it clear this needed to stop. Because he did now it is a national story. Good for him.

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