Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tarrifs On China...

This is how you know it is an election year.  This is how you know the politicians are feeling the heat of a pissed off electorate for the 12th consecutive year.  Normally you hear YOU CAN’T POSSIBLE HAVE TARRIFFS….TARRIFS ARE BAD…..TARRIFFS KILL THE ECONOMY….But in an election year suddenly tariffs are a great idea.  No what we should do….Tariffs.  How nice!  If they did the same thing all the other years maybe we could fix this never ending catastrophe.  Unfortunately they only get serious for a couple of months every 4 years.

The move by the Commerce Department is certain to infuriate Chinese officials.  Good!!! If they are upset I am happy.

The antidumping decision is among the biggest in American history, covering one of the largest and fastest-growing categories of imports from China, the world’s largest exporter.

It’s really dangerous.” Mr. Li said that Chinese companies would “certainly” retaliate by filing a trade case at China’s commerce  Yeah…this is perfect.  A trade war.  We will stop importing stuff from China and make it all in the USA.  China can stop importing from the USA which is NOTHING.  We will see who wins.

a similar case against China and Vietnam over the manufacture of steel towers for wind turbines, charging that steep government subsidies were giving foreign companies an unfair advantage over American manufacturers.

“China’s method is straightforward: it sets forth industry-specific Five-Year Plans and then uses all forms of national and local subsidies and other governmental support to quickly transfer jobs, supply chains, intellectual property and wealth, to the permanent detriment of U.S. and global manufacturers,” he said. “China’s ability to ramp up and overwhelm an industry is unique and particularly devastating with new and emerging technologies, where global competitors may be less established and can be knocked out more easily and quickly.”

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