Friday, June 15, 2012

NASA's new Frontiers.‏

Now that all the sweeping and vacuuming is complete our NASA heroes have time for the really important work of the future…..Guided tours.

The NASA control center that gave the command to launch rockets to the moon and send space shuttles into orbit will be opened for public tours this week for the first time in more than 30 years.

NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida announced that beginning Friday (June 15), a limited number of daily tours will take guests into the spaceport's historic Launch Control Center (LCC). Tour-goers will have the rare opportunity to enter the room where directors and engineers supervised the countdown for all 152 launches of the Apollo moon landing and space shuttle programs.

The new tour takes visitors inside Firing Room 4, one of the Launch Control Center's four firing rooms and the one from which the final 21 space shuttle launches were controlled.

Inside, guests will pass by the consoles where engineers monitored the computerized control system's thousands of system checks every minute leading up to launch. They'll see the countdown clock and the large video monitors on the walls.

Visitors will also enter the "bubble room," with its wall of interior windows through which the Kennedy Space Center management team viewed what went on in the firing room below.

NASA and the Kennedy visitor complex recently extended its first behind-the-scenes tour through the end of 2012. That tour, which began in November 2011, takes visitors inside the 52-story tall Vehicle Assembly Building, the massive building adjacent to the LCC where the Apollo Saturn V rockets and space shuttles were assembled.

Both the LCC and VAB tours are possible in part due to a lull in crewed launches from the Kennedy Space Center. 
You would think that having strangers walk through the NASA complex might distract from all the important work NASA was doing.  Then you remember NASA isn’t doing anything anymore.  It is a giant empty complex with nothing going on.  It is the pride of our country.  Nothing inspires the next generation of explorers like a space program that does nothing.  Aim high kids.  The sky is the limit…except for NASA who can’t actually get there.  But if you have millions of dollars maybe the Russians will take you.  God Bless America.  We are # 1.

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