Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hillary Clinton Creating Jobs in Burma

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are working hard to create new jobs in Burma.  Just in case Chinese labor becomes too expensive here is another opportunity for US Companies to dump their US employees and move the work overseas.  At some point Barak and Hillary will get back to wondering why there are no US jobs but for now it is all smiles and back slapping.  Yay Burma.

U.S.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Burmese President Thein Sein met in Cambodia to encourage new U.S. investments in Burma.

Secretary Clinton told the Burmese leader that she is sending a high-power delegation of more than 70 American business leaders to his country now that Washington has eased restrictions on investments and financial services in recognition of ongoing political reforms.

"This week has been a milestone in the relationship between our two countries," Clinton said.  "Just two days ago, President Obama announced that the United States is easing restrictions, to allow more U.S. companies to do business there(Send US jobs there). And a few months ago in Washington, I urged American businesses to invest (Send US jobs)and to do it responsibly."

Secretary Clinton and President Thein Sein met for more than an hour ahead of a business forum meant to encourage greater U.S. investment (Investment = Jobs  It is important to understand the code words.) in Southeast Asia.

In their private talks, Secretary Clinton thanked the Burmese leader for the recent release of political prisoners and encouraged him to release them all. But if you don’t we will still send you our jobs.  That is what we do in America.  We are a very giving people.

She urged Burma to end its military relationship with North Korea. President Thein Sein said his country has no nuclear relationship with North Korea and is reviewing its military ties with Pyongyang. But if you don’t end the relationship with North Korea the jobs will still be coming.  Don’t you even worry about it.

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