Friday, November 27, 2015

Elon Musk.....Horrible To Work For.....

Billionaires get to be Billionaires by taking advantage of people.  That is how it is done.  

Last month we heard about how sh*tty it is to work at and Jeff Bezos.  Now we learn about how sh*tty it is to work for Space X and Elon Musk.

The way you end up with all of the money is you have your employees punch their time cards out and then you send them back to their desks to work some more.  

Not only do you not have to pay them overtime..... but you don't have to pay them regular time either.  It is a great way to keep your company productive....... while also keeping all the money in your wallet.  

Sure it is illegal...... but when you are a billionaire those rules do not apply to you.  Rules are for regular people, not rich people.

A former SpaceX employee has filed a class action lawsuit against the rocket company, saying hourly employees are regularly expected to work overtime hours without proper compensation.

It's at least the fourth lawsuit alleging SpaceX violated California labor law to be filed since 2014.

The lead plaintiff in this case, Stan Saporito, worked as a structures technician at the Hawthorne, California-based company between June 2013 and February 2015. During that time he and other employees were forced to end their shift at the timekeeper and get back to work

“SpaceX required [Saporito] and [other hourly employees] to work off the clock without paying them for all the time they were under SpaceX's control performing post-shift duties, specifically by failing to provide enough labor hours to accomplish all the job tasks that SpaceX expected [them] to complete,” 

“[They] were required to clock out of SpaceX's timekeeping system in order to perform additional work for SpaceX as required to meet SpaceX's job requirements.”

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk and based in Hawthorne, California, is notorious for overworking salaried employees, and dismissing them for minor infractions.

One lawsuit filed last year also alleged that SpaceX managers pressured workers with schedules that prohibited time for meal and rests breaks required by California law (which stipulates that employees who work more than five hours have a 30-minute meal break, and a second 30 minutes if they work more than 10 hours).

Another suit claimed SpaceX failed to give workers notice before a massive layoff in July.

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