Friday, November 27, 2015

Space X Rocket Debris Found In England......

Elon Musks Rocket errors are raining down all over the globe.  This one was found in England.  This is the great success we heard the private sector was going to bring to the space program.  Impressive.  Oh hey look it is a whale......No... no.... not a whale...... just another one of Elon Musks screw-ups.

When NASA ran the space program the chances an average person could see a rocket up close was remote.  That is because the NASA rockets generally ended up in Space.  But with Elon Musk is in charge ones chances of encountering a rocket are greatly improved.  

Elons rockets could fall out of the sky anywhere.  You might want to go check your back yard right now because one could be back there.

The next Indiana Jones movie will be entitles Raiders of the Lost Space X Rocket.  Indy will be spanning out across the Globe in search of the Rocket that took off from Florida and was never seen again.  At this point it could be anywhere.......Well anywhere except in Space.

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