Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hewlett Packard

In 2010 Meg Whitman (former CEO of EBAY) ran for California Governor and talked about the tragedy of unemployment. 

The California Voters didn’t fall for her lies and she lost the election. 

Hewlett Packard wasn’t as smart as the California voters and they hired her as their CEO. 

The result of that decision is 27,000 people are about to lose their jobs……  27,000…. For perspective on that number you should go into the Hartford Civic Center and that is 14,000.  Fill the arena to capacity and then tell everyone they are all fired.  Then have the arena filled a second time and fire all those people too.  That is about what Meg Whitman is doing.  The same Meg Whitman who talked about the problem of unemployment is now going out of her way to create lots more of it. 

HP exclaims laying off 27,000 people will save them 3 Billion Dollars.  Why not just lay off everyone and save even more money. If layoffs are the path to success then just do it completely.

The good news is nobody in China is going to lose their HP job in case you were concerned.  They are all safe. 

On May 8th  Meg Whitman said there may be layoffs but NOT in China. She went on to promise that HP wasn't planning on big layoffs in China and she did hint that whatever layoffs are in store they would not be "broad based."  27,000 is NOT broad based.  Good to know.

HP must be the dumbest company on Earth.  First they hired Carley Fiornia who went on to lay off 30,000 HP workers and drove the company straight into the ground.  Her azz was tossed out on the sidewalk with a suitcase full of money.  Later she also lost her election for the US Senate in California.

Then HP brought in their next bozo CEO who decided HP should NOT be making PC’s anymore.  Even though they were the biggest PC maker in the world.

Then after that jack azz decision was roundly ridiculed they back tracked and said they will still make PC’s.

Now they are led by the idiot Whitman who is back to laying off 27,000 more employees.

HP - Run by idiots!

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