Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Windows Phone an Abysmal failure‏

I told you windows Phone 7 was going to be an abysmal failure.  Here they are exactly as I said they would be…..failing.

The sad part is Microsft is making Windows 8 to look like Windows phone 7 and nobody gives a sh*t about windows phone 7.  That is not a good sign for Microsoft.  Exactly as I told you it would be…….

Nokia made a big bet rolling out smartphones based on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 software in October 2011, but despite heavy advertising, promotions, and discounting, sales have been disappointing.

We would like to note that Microsoft has been trying to build a mobile-phone business for more than 12 years (entered April 2000). It was first Research In Motion's  BlackBerry that gave Microsoft a lot of problems and now it is  Apple's iOS and Google Android. We see Apple continuing to consolidate share with its recent iOS 6 refresh.

With both Microsoft and Nokia having difficulty competing in the smartphone market, both decided to join forces in February 2011 with the first Windows Phone 7 Lumia smartphones shipping in October 2011. Despite heavy promotion and advertising by carriers as they want a viable alternative to Android and iOS, Windows Phone 7 has found weaker-than-expected customer acceptance.

Watching Microsoft fumble about is like watching a slow motion car wreck.  Steve Ballmer is the driver.

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