Monday, July 9, 2012

Air France FINAL Report‏

“It was like a giant pinball machine in there,” Goglia said. “You have lights and whistles going off all over the place. Which one do you believe? They have no reference to the sky because it’s night and stormy. At the very least, they didn’t know what to rely on.”

He said other pilots in the same situation might have done the same thing as those on Flight 447, adding, “This accident is not the problem of this crew alone.” 

I completely agree with this guy.  Everyone always wants to blame the dead pilots.  Everyone likes to act like the solution was real simple.  How could the pilots not know what to do?  Well the pilots weren’t flying the plane.  The plane was on autopilot.  The plane can’t figure out why there is no air speed so it kicked off the auto pilot.  Now it is up to the pilots to figure out the situation.  Good luck…. Some of the instruments are wrong.  Some are right.  The windows are black.  Good luck figuring out what to do.  Oh and if you screw up and die everyone will blame you. 

I still want to know why the tail was found miles away from the rest of the wreckage.  I still want to know how if the plane was initially stalling it managed to rapidly gained altitude.  I still haven’t heard any believable explanations to my questions.  I still believe there is much more to this story that we are not being told.

Thursday’s report spelled out how the pitot problem led to other problems in the cockpit, where two co-pilots were guiding the plane through a storm while the captain was on a rest break.
The erroneous speed readings prompted the autopilot to disengage. Alarms started sounding in the cockpit.
The pilot at the controls couldn’t tell if the plane was stalling or going too fast, the report said. One of the alarms was saying “Stall! Stall!” But the report says another alarm, ringing for 34 seconds straight, “saturated the aural environment within the cockpit” and confused the pilots.
Meanwhile, the plane’s flight director system gave faulty, conflicting information.
The flight director shows the pilot what movements of the controls he needs to make to keep the plane on a set course and altitude — but the flight director relies on information from the pitots and other sensors. Investigators said the crew should have turned off the flight director at that point.

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