Tuesday, September 15, 2015

GE moving more Jobs Overseas.....

GE……the Company that pays NO US Taxes.
GE…… the company that is rewarded with hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Government contracts. (Take the taxpayer money and hand it over to GE.)
GE…… the Company that is threatening to leave the State of CT if the CT governor follows through on raising corporate taxes. (Any tax above $0.00 is way too much.)
GE…… the Company that is run by CEO Jeff Immelt. You know him as Presidents Obamas “Jobs Czar”.
That GE is now moving more jobs overseas because the US Government money has been turned off.
The Export import bank takes US taxpayer money and loans it to FOREIGN companies so those companies can buy US products.
Those US products are probably made overseas anyway so who really cares.
So the Taxpayer provides the money. It is given to corporate America (who employ as few Americans as possible.)
If the loan never gets paid back the US taxpayer gets kicked in the crotch. As always everyone wins except the US taxpayer.
See when the money is flowing from the US taxpayer to GE…… life is good. Wave those pom poms back and forth while jumping up and down. Yay….Corporate Welfare.
Welfare for poor people….No way.
Welfare for Billion Dollar corporations…..Yes please.
What we hear from the corporations is the government is the problem. The government needs to get out of the way and let the private sector take over.
But what we see in reality is the second the government does get out of the way all you hear is corporate whining.
Republicans killed the Import Export bank in June and now the corporate whining begins. We don’t hear corporations saying “no problem we will go get private financing at bank of America.” Hell no…….
See government is the problem all the way until the tap gets shut off. Then suddenly the government does have an important role to play. Then suddenly it is the US employee who is going to pay the price as punishment for Congress turning off the corporate welfare.
But when the tap was turned on jobs still went overseas. And when the tap is turned off the jobs still go overseas again.
So as far as I can tell there is no real change here.


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