Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The 14th Amendment.......

Birthright Citizenship….

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump led the charge in favor of eliminating the practice. "A woman gets pregnant. She's nine months, she walks across the border, she has the baby in the United States, and we take care of the baby for 85 years. I don't think so," Trump declared. "I believe that a reading of the 14th Amendment allows you to have an interpretation where [birthright citizenship] is not legal and where it can’t be done."

More Republican hypocrisy….

Republicans love to tell you they love the constitution of the United States.  They tell you how they want to be president so they can “Defend and Protect” the document and all it stands for.  They tell you the founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing and it should not be questioned.

With the second amendment there is nothing to question. Everyone gets guns and that is that.  NEVER question the constitution of the United States.  It is un-American.  It is wrong and it will not be tolerated.  Wars have been fought (and will be fought again) to protect what is guaranteed.

BUT when there are parts of the US Constitution that the Republicans do NOT agree with then it is OK to just ignore it.  Or reinterpret it to fit the Republican perspective.

The 14th Amendment states (In part)……”ALL PERSONS born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, ARE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES and of the State wherein they reside.

That is pretty clear cut.  ALL PERSONS…….Meaning if you are born in the United States you are A US Citizen…..Period! 

Republicans want that to be true for everyone except people who come from Mexico.  Then that part of the Constitution should not apply.  See where Mexicans are concerned the Constitution is not a clear cut document.  You do not have to take it seriously.  Those founding fathers were probably drunk when they got to the 14th Amendment.  Just ignore it.

So Remember….You only have to follow the parts of the Constitution that are Republican approved.  Any parts the Republican do not like can be disregarded.

There will be a quiz next week.  Study up.

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