Wednesday, October 7, 2015

NCAA Morals Going Down The Drain.....

Remember the good old days when the only evil person in NCAA Basketball was Jim Calhoun.  Remember when he made too many recruiting phone calls and the NCAA went crazy.  The Uconn program got suspended so they couldn't participate in post season all because there is nothing more despicable than multiple phone calls. After all Phone calls are disgusting.

Well today everyone is in trouble and the infractions are a whole lot worse than phone calls.

Rick Pitino is buying his recruits prostitutes.  How can any other program compete with that?  

Here is your choice Mr 18 year old recruit.  You can go to school A that gave you a free lunch and a tour of campus OR you can go to Louisville who bought your very own  hooker.  What do you say?

Meanwhile nobody knows nothing about nothing.  Standard response to everything these days.  Tom Brady doesn't know his balls are deflated and Rick Pitino doesn't know his program provides prostitutes.  Sounds believable to me.

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