Thursday, September 24, 2015

Communist Red China Is In Town....Lets Celebrate...

President Obama is celebrating Communist Red China this week.
There is a big State Dinner tomorrow night at the White House and the Champaign will be flowing.
This is the second Obama State Dinner to Celebrate Communist Red China in the last 4 years. Obama celebrated the Communists in 2011 too. He just loves them.
There are 196 countries on the planet and Obama has had 8 State Dinners. Two of them celebrated China. Most of the other countries don’t have nearly enough slave laborers to warrant a state dinner. When the other countries visit they can eat at the Denny’s down the street.
Obama is pulling out all the stops too. There will be a 21 gun salute on the lawn of the White House for the arrival of his honored guests. How exciting. Nothing says Democracy is #1 like a 21 Gun salute when the Communists arrive. YAY Communism.
There is a lot to Celebrate too. The Communist leader just visited the Boeing Factory in Everett Washington. Boeing announced their first factory ever built outside of the United States is going to be built in………….You guessed it….. Communist….. Red…….. China. Awesome!
Why hire Americans when you can hire slave laborers in China. Boeing wins….China wins…..Americans get screwed. Good deal all around. Pass the hors d'oeuvres. There will be plenty of smiles and back slapping tomorrow night in celebration of this fantastic news.
If there is anyone who loves President Obama and America it is the Communist Chinese. Last month Obama went to visit Alaska and the Communists were kind enough to send some of their war ships (12 miles off the coast) to say hello.
The Communists even invited Obama to their biggest military parade just a couple of weeks back. It was an event so important to the Communists they shut down all the filthy factories around Beijing to try and clear the air before other world leaders arrived.
This was an important event because it was the first public display of the Chineses new missiles designed to sink US Aircraft carriers. Very exciting……
“Dubbed the 'carrier-killer', the DF-21D goes into orbit like an intercontinental ballistic missile but upon re-entering the atmosphere employs guidance systems (technology probably stolen from America) that give it the unprecedented ability to attack a moving target, such as a carrier group at sea.
Western defence analysts say it could travel at up to 10 times the speed of sound (WOW) - faster than anything that could be deployed to intercept it - and estimate it has a range of up to 1000 miles.” (That will keep US Aircraft Carriers far away……)
Putin went to see them. He was excited. For some reason Obama decided he didn’t want to see them and didn’t attend. Pretty rude to snub a good friend like that.
Communist Red China just started working on their third military air strip on the artificial islands they are illegally building out in international waters. The islands are coming along great.
Japan is so worried about China they just changed their constitution so they can participate in foreign wars. They don’t trust that America has the ability (or will) to stop Chinese aggression and are taking action. Japan has been at peace for 70 years but China is making them very nervous.
The Chinese just made the air crew of a US recon plane very nervous too when their bullying fighter pilot flew within 20 feet of the US aircraft. Not good.
Plus lets not forget all the Chinese hacking of US computers. Government computers, Corporate computers….The Chinese don’t care because they hack it all.
They just visited Microsoft….. probably just wanted to say thank you to Microsoft (in person) for showing them the Windows source code. That was very helpful in their hacking efforts.
These are all things to celebrate tomorrow night at Obamas fancy State Dinner. It will be a beautiful evening among friends.

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