Sunday, November 29, 2015 Marketing For Cyber Monday Sponsored By The Media.......

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday which is Amazons biggest sales day of the year.
Two years ago to keep Amazon on your mind 60 minutes did this drone delivery story to help with Amazons marketing.
Two years later Amazon is not yet delivering packages with drones but tomorrow is Cyber Monday (again) so guess what story is on CNN?
You guessed it more delivery drone stories. 60 minutes wouldn't fall for the same trick twice but CNN was more then happy to help with Amazon marketing.
If the drone idea worked once why not go use the same idea again.
New marketing ideas cost money so why not use one you already paid for.
You can stand in your doorway tomorrow and wait for the Amazon drone to arrive but I assure you it is not coming.
But at least now everyone is thinking about Amazon so by all means pull out those credit cards and start buying.

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