Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bernie and Donald Going After Carrier Jobs Moving To Mexico.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump working to keep Carrier Air Conditioning jobs from moving to Mexico.
The experts love to say there is NOTHING you can do about jobs leaving the United States. That is complete horse sh*t. The government can absolutely keep corporate America from moving jobs and killing the middle class.
All it has to do is try.
Corporate America is addicted to tax payer money. It is delicious and they will do ANYTHING to get more of it.
All President Obama (or President Elect Trump) has to do is pick up the phone and call the CEO of United Technologies. When he answers say very clearly "IF YOU MOVE THESE AIR CONDITIONER JOBS TO MEXICO THEN UNITED TECHNOLOGIES WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO RECEIVE ANOTHER GOVERNMENT CONTRACT EVER AGAIN".......Then sit back and watch the jobs not leave.
United Technologies owns Pratt and Whitney. Pratt and Whitney makes the engine for the boondoggle F-35. Billions and billions and billions and billions of US taxpayer money goes to Pratt and Whitney. Just clearly state the F-35 will be cancelled (which it should anyway) if the jobs leave and watch as the jobs don't leave. If you don't want to cancel the F-35 just say that GE (who wants to make an alternative F-35 engine, but isn't allowed) will now be allowed to build their F-35 engine. Then sit back and watch as the jobs no longer leave.
None of this is difficult. Barack Obama chooses not to do it. That is why we now have Donald Trump. We will see how dedicated Donald is to fixing this completely fixable problem. He should listen to Bernie.....If the jobs leave then no more government contracts. Consider the problem fixed.

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