Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump Trade Changes Begin Day 1.

Wow......He is actually doing it......I don't believe it. The election is over and he is still talking about doing the right thing.
I have never seen this before. Ever!
The 200-day plan is built around five main principles, plus an extra plank on manufacturing jobs.
First is renegotiating or withdrawing from NAFTA, (GOOD)
second is stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, (GOOD)
third is stopping "unfair imports," (GOOD)
fourth is ending "unfair trade practices," (GOOD)
fifth is pursuing bilateral trade deals. (GOOD)
The final focus, to "retain and return manufacturing jobs,(GOOD) " focuses on lowering the business tax rate (COULD BE GOOD....COULD BE NOT GOOD) and eliminating regulations on businesses (NOT GOOD) and restrictions on domestic energy (COULD BE NOT GOOD).
7 Goods and 3 Not goods. Acceptable!
He would also have the US Trade Representative notify Mexico and Canada that the US intends to propose some amendments to the treaty, which could include measures on currency manipulation, lumber, country of origin labeling and environmental and safety standards.
Trump would also submit legislation on currency manipulation, review whether our trading partners engage in "harmful" practices, and would order the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US to review food security in trade and reciprocity in international corporate takeovers (i.e. whether a US company would be able to buy a Chinese company like a Chinese company would be able to be buy a US company).


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