Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lockheed Trying To Sell Trump on Garbage F-35......

Donald Trump is not a fan of the F-35 and Lockheed is panicking.
What if Trump cuts off all that free tax payer money........
Lockheed is counting on that money to continue to be delivered (by the truck load) for the next two decades.
It is a good deal for Lockheed because they can take all the free money and not return anything of value. The money keeps coming and coming and coming and their is nothing competent that needs to be delivered. What a deal.
And now every other month an F-35 catches on fire. How exciting.
So Lockheed will do everything they can to convince Trump the plane is worth continuing.
Pleaaaaase.......Pleaaaaaase........ dont take away all the free money. We love it so much.......
“When they say that [the F-35] cannot perform as well as the planes we already have, what are [we] doing, and spending so much more money?” Trump said on the Hugh Hewitt radio show.
The host asked Trump his thoughts on the fifth-generation fighter and the fact that it’s over budget. At the time, Trump responded that he didn’t like what he had been hearing in security briefings.
“I do hear that it’s not very good,” he said. “I’m hearing that our existing planes are better. And one of the pilots came out of the plane, one of the test pilots, and said this isn’t as good as what we already have.”