Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Disgusting And Unethical.....

“Disgusting” and “Unethical”
These are words you always hear associated with the Clintons.
Remember these words are being used to describe the head of the Democratic National Committee.
Remember this persons behavior (who is being called “Disgusting” and Unethical”) is the head of the Democratic National committee because the previous head of the Democratic National Committee had to resign in disgrace. That happened after she was caught trying to hurt Bernie so Hillary could win.
So Disgusting and Unethical had to step down...... and was replaced by more disgusting and unethical.
All the time Disgusting and Unethical behavior swirls around Hillary. Night and day there it is.
When you look at Hillary and the first thing that should pop in your head is “Disgusting” and “Unethical”. If those words don’t pop in your head than you are not paying attention.