Sunday, October 30, 2016

GE's Uncontained Engine Failure.....

Uncontained Engine failures are a big NO NO in the airline business.
They are not supposed to happen.
An engine may fail but it is not supposed to blow apart sending shrapnel thousands of feet.
Yet on Friday that is exactly what happened to a GE engine in Chicago.
It is a miracle nobody got killed.
One piece of the disk was found in a UPS warehouse 2,920 feet south of the plane and another piece was found about 0.3 miles north of the plane on airport property.
The turbine disk smashed through the roof of the UPS facility on the airport grounds and bounced off the floor, according to an airport worker. "It looks like a piece of a turbine disk from a jet engine," the worker said, adding it was too hot to touch.
This is not the first time a GE engine has had an uncontained failure. The same thing happened last year in Las Vegas.

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