Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lots and Lots of Intelligence.....Useless To do Anything

It is just funny that the government infringes on all our privacy by tracking all our emails, and tracking all our phone calls, and tracking all our internet searches.
Government Agency after agency spending hundreds of billions of dollars on intelligence. CIA…. NSA……US Cyber Command……On and on they are working to keep us all “protected”.
But then a massive cyber attack happens and the answer we get from all that surveillance is “We have no idea what happened”. Well that is real comforting.
If when something happens you have no idea than please explain what all the tracking is for. It prevents nothing and helps explain nothing. So why bother.
Yet when Hillary’s emails are hacked we are told it is definitely the Russians. We know…….. We know…….. OK but who shut down half the internet? Yeah we don’t know that.


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