Monday, October 17, 2016

Wicki Leaks Under Attack....No More Telling The Truth.....

For the past year the only reporting on Hillary Clinton has come from Wicki leaks.
Day after day Wicki leaks confirms what you all already know.
Hillary Clinton is completely dishonest and drowning in corruption from all directions.
If you subtract the Wicki leaks reporting there would be no stories of any kind on Clinton.
The Main Stream media is completely asleep at the switch on Clinton. They have investigated nothing.
Clinton is fed up with the American people finding out the truth through Wicki leaks. It irks them. They will not stand for any more open and transparent government.
Open and transparent government is what you learn about in 9th grade Civics. It is not what happens in real life American government.
As such the United States has cut off Julian Assanges internet. NO MORE. They hope that will prevent you from finding out anymore. Will that work? Probably not.
Regardless you are to go into the voting booth and vote for Hillary Clinton……. and then go away.
Don’t you dare ask any more questions. You are not entitled to know anything more than what they tell you……And you are to believe all of it.

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