Friday, October 14, 2016


See when you rob a bank (by handing them a note demanding money) the police get called.
The police come screaming into the parking lot. They run inside (with guns drawn) and throw you on the ground. They jam your arms behind your back and slap hand cuffs on you. Then they take you to jail. They finger print you….Photography you…….throw you in a cage.
Stealing the banks money is NEVER allowed.
But when Wells Fargo steals your money by opening 2 million fraudulent bank accounts (and charge you fees against those accounts) which you didn’t even know existed.
Well…… NOBDOY goes to jail.
In fact the CEO is rewarded with $134,000,000.00 on his way out the door.
Job well done.
If you were to call 911 to report that Wells Fargo stole your money….Well the police would not care at all. They would probably laugh at you. Might even arrest you for making the 911 call.
They would not send the swat team (in their armored vehicles) to surround the bank. The Swat team would not run in to apprehend the criminals who stole your money.
That is not how it works.
To review….You stealing their money = Really bad.
Them stealing your money = really good. REALLY GOOD.
You stealing their money = Serious Consequences.
Them stealing your money = BIG REWARDS. HUGE Rewards.
Any questions?

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