Wednesday, October 5, 2016

An Entire Presidential Campaign and no Issues Discussed

An entire presidential campaign and not one candidate is talking about any issues at all.
It is really incredible to watch.
Trump didn't pay taxes. He didnt. He didn't pay any taxes. None. Ask him about it. He didn't pay any taxes at all. Can you believe it. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Call up random people and tell them.
Hillary's husband had sex with lots of woman. Lots of them. Young woman.....old woman. He is married and he cheated on Hillary. He cheayed lots of times. Can you believe it. Can your neighbors believe it. You should go tell people in case they haven't heard that Bill is a serial filander.
Meanwhile nobody....I MEAN NOBODY is talking about any actual issues.
Wars all over the discussion. National debt....nobody cares. North Korea testing nuclear weapons......Crickets. social security going bankrupt......not an issue. Big banks behaving badly....if only someone cared.
The media certainly doesn't care about anything other than complete nonesense. The voters don't seem to care or notice either. It is all good.
The dumbing down of America happening right before your eyes. Soak it in.

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