Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Only The Most Important Issues For The United Nations....

According to the United Nations over 400,000 people have been killed in Syria.
Chemical weapons have been used on multiple occasions.
Russia is bombing one group of people. The United States is Bombing a different group of people. The Syrian government is bombing the group of people they want to bomb. Turkey is bombing a another group of people.
Depending on who you ask everyone in Syria is either a terrorist or a good guy. Nobody agrees on which group is which though.
To date the United Nations has done absolutely nothing to sort out the mess and bring peace.
The United Nations did however find time to honor Wonder Woman.
Only the toughest most pressing issues are important enough for the United Nations to tackle.
I am sure all the trapped (starving) people in Aleppo are thrilled the United Nations is on their case.
I am sure if Wonder Women took her lasso of truth and put it around all the members of the United Nations and asked “Is this organization completely useless?” the response would unanimously be “Yes this organization is completely useless”.

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